About the Pharoahs

We are the Scranton, PA based chapter of one of the most iconic car clubs in the US and abroad!

Founded in 1948 in Modesto, California, the Pharoahs have been an iconic part of hot rod, Kustom, and muscle car culture for generations. Yes, we are the same club featured in the movie “American Graffiti”!


The Pharoahs were one of the first car clubs in California, with Gene Winfield being one of the first members of our car club. Gene later became famous for designing several vehicles for different Hollywood movies and was widely known as “the king of kustoms”. Today’s Pharoahs Car Club is an International Car Club with over 40 chapters through the United States and internationally in Japan, Australia, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, and Mexico.


We are a family-friendly car club with a wide variety of American made cars and trucks with some exceptions.

Ranking Members

JoJo Johnson

East Coast President

East Coast Chapters of the Pharoahs


Ken Kostelnik


Scranton Chapter


Peter Riebe

Colonel - 2nd in Command

Scranton Chapter


Father Thomas


Scranton Chapter


Dave Gilio/Chelsea Zongilla


Scranton Chapter


Matt Sinibaldi


Scranton Chapter

Did You Know?

The Pharoahs have a Hollywood Star dedicated to them in honor of being the oldest car club in America!